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Cathie Bennett Warner returns to her Public and Government Relations Consulting company after serving as Vice President, Public & Government Relations at Steep Hill, where she promoted the Steep Hill brand during its growth from a local Northern California company to being recognized globally as the premiere cannabis testing brand. She coordinated government relations for the company with numerous state governments as states have legalized cannabis, and coordinated media relations for the company for new product announcements and licensing agreements in 10 US states and several international markets as well. Previously she coordinated investment news during a period when Steep Hill had been a been a powerhouse investment opportunity for the cannabis investor community. 

Cathie has more than 30 years of experience in the public relations/public affairs arena. Prior to founding her own public relations firm, The CBW Group, in 2005, Ms. Bennett Warner held management roles in several national public relations firms, including Burson Marsteller, Public Strategies (now Hill & Knowlton), and Manning, Selvage & Lee. She has produced major external projects for four California Governors, and served in government in the US Senate, the CA Governor’s Office, the US State Department (USAID) and was key staff on the 1981 Reagan Inaugural Committee and the 1980 Presidential Campaign.

A graduate of The George Washington University, with a BA in political science, Cathie served for seven years on the Board of Directors of the Marin General Hospital Foundation. She also served as a Member of the San Domenico board for six years, from 2010 to 2016. Previously she served for four years as the Chair of the California Medical Assistance Commission and as a Public Member of the California State Medical Board. She is currently a Member of the Board of the Napa Valley Cannabis Association and a member of the Patient Advisory Board to Marin General Hospital.

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